Information on presence on Github

Most of my repositories are around UNofficialPreziProducts, but some other (hobby) projects are here as well.


  • Suite
    Java app with Posterizer & Fontinator.

  • Online Service
    Online service that converts Prezi to PreziPoster file.
    Non-secure version, but quicker
    (other people MAY see your prezi, as all Prezi files are stored in the same Dropbox folder).

  • Online Service
    Secure version of previous service, uses IFTTT and other services
    to get a link in YOUR email inbox.

  • Online Service
    Converts ‘19page poster’ to a single page, high resolution poster
    (secure: get the link in YOUR email inbox).
    Suggestion: if you can run a Java app, or you know someone who can (and who you can trust), use the (free) Java app below:
    not only is it (much) quicker, you have full control over all the files, and it is free (as in beer).

  • Free converter
    Java app that converts ‘19 page poster’ to a single page.
    Only needs the 19page PDF. Developed using some of the repositories present here on Github.